Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Big cities, big plans, big birthdays and more...

Wow...has it really been a week and 1/2 since my last post? We've been on the go around here. It has been a constant battle with trying to make sure that Steve stays healthy and that Itty's leg continues to heal. On Friday, Mark took Itty into the vet to get her cast removed. We've been trying to get her in with the rest of her friends. But from time to time, she continues to favor that leg. She needs to get used to using it, so we can put her out regularly.
I observed that our livestock guard dog, Ollie, is being a little rough with Steve. I think it is getting to be Fall in the barnyard and we need to revisit the idea of getting all of our males castrated (neutered/chopped). Jester, our other male sheep, likes Flora, our young female dairy goat, a little too much. It's a little bit of a same-sex and mixed species love fest around (which we support lol, but just don't want any animals broken hearts and drama).
This video was taken tonight in the pasture. We let Steve out to play while everyone else (including Ollie) was locked up in their pens. He had a blast, although he was somewhat confused by the notion of it being just Steve!

I spent this past weekend in Detroit, visiting one of my dearest friends. Heather and I have known each other since we were in high school together and although life has led us in very different directions, we've always remained close. In fact, I had the amazing honor of officiating her wedding last fall, in Brooklyn. Her ceremony was at a beautiful venue, under the Brooklyn Bridge, looking back over the city. In February, Heather welcomed the newest member of our crew, London (http://raisinglondon.blogspot.com/) and I FINALLY was able to find a weekend that we were both free and I could make the trek up to Detroit and meet her little man. London, is a very handsome little boy and just such a joy to be around, with his drooly smile and batting his eye lashes - he's going to be a heart breaker. Sometimes I miss those little baby times, but then, when I hear those little 3AM whimpers over the baby monitor, it reminds me that I'm quite satisfied with five children and the youngest being 8! While I was in Detroit, we visited the most amazing Farmer's Market I've ever seen. Eastern Market...if you are ever in the area, this is a must see. I'm so thankful that Mark was able to take care of the kids and animals, without any issues. He encouraged me to go and I had a great time. It's always good to be missed too.
London - looks at those sweet lips!!
Oh did I mention that Heather has an au pair from Thailand? So cool, right? I learned so much about her culture and she even was wonderful enough to make Heather and me an authentic Thai meal before I left on Sunday. Fish, veggies, rice, soup (with pumpkin tips). DELICIOUS! And...how cool is the lettering on her toothbrush container?!

Is it creepy and nerdy that I got excited when I saw these letters? Beautiful right?
Tonight we went and picked up a bunch of hay. We can fit 9-10 bales of hay in our min-van...that's right, we still haven't added a pick up truck or open air trailer to the farm - both are in the greater plan...but down the road a bit. Tonight we shoved 10 bales in - we were worried that with all the crazy weather that we've been having...too much rain in the Spring...nearly drought conditions in the summer...it's really affecting crops (meaning the cost of hay as well). Each bale cost $5 - which mean $50 out of the budget this payday goes to hay, those 10 bales SHOULD last us about two months. Between the grain/pellets, open pasture and hay...our animals are happy campers.
Tomorrow - our oldest son, Gage, celebrates his 14th birthday. FOURTEEN!? How did that happen? He's an awesome kid. Incredibly intelligent, protective of his brothers and sisters, helpful (mostly) and I am loving watching him turn each day into more and more of a good grown up. I just love that kid. Happy Birthday Gage!!
Gage teaching Blue new tricks
Cora, Drake and Gage
Hoping to get back to roofing and siding the barn this weekend - probably on Sunday, since Gage's birthday party is scheduled for Saturday afternoon. Due to life and weather, any of our big projects have been on hold for a bit and it feels good to have a plan of getting back on track.

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  1. Glad you got away, but I did miss you. Next time warning - im imagining all sorts of things. Happy Birthday Cage from Down Under. I've got to admire your dedications and attention to the animals. Most farmers down here would have, you know.. Ummmmm? Still you have a pretty small flock of critters there so I guess its personal. Cheers.