Tuesday, August 28, 2012

So now what?

The roof project has been hanging over our heads for so long...it's been the topic of many conversations, a handful of fights, a ton of blog and facebook posts ...so now what? Right now, we are a little strapped for cash. Between the rough, hot summer (meaning higher utility bills) and being too tired to whip up an amazing dinner (meaning that the ONE place that delivers to us is practically our best friend) - so bigger projects are on hold. As I mentioned before, we still have siding and doors ($$) to put on along with painting to get done before the winter gets here. We have the paint, just need to pull together the $350 (approx) for the siding. We also need to talk to our hay provider to get a few more loads of hay into our loft ($$), before the weather gets rough. We also want to stock up on both animal and human food...just in case. Last winter was so mild, I'm afraid we are due for "the big one" around here. I'm worried about lots of snow and ice - I worry that we'll lose power. I want to be prepared for all of that. I want to make sure that we have a full oil delivery ($$), a pantry filled with canned goods ($$), and a full propane tank (to cook food outside on the grill and the two-burner stove I got for my birthday, just in case $$). We just need to budget and make a plan of when we are going to get everything we need. We'll be fine...we just need to figure out plan A and plan B. Oh! AND we are planning on converting our other shed (10 ft. x 12 ft.) - the one the alpacas were in originally, into our chicken coop. I'm not sure if I want to paint it red to match the barn, or keep it blue to match the house?? Hmmmm.....
The soon-to-be chicken coop is on the right in this picture. The fencing has been taken down (this was Blossom and Josie's original home, when they first got here) - we'll be adding a cute little picket fence, just high enough to deter the chickens from breaking out. On the longer side, we'll be cutting in a door/window long enough for us to reach in and grab fresh eggs from the breeder boxes that we'll be building - we'll make sure that we can lock it all up and keep the ladies nice, safe and warm.
It will be amazing if Mark gets a job soon (BTW - he's got an interview Friday - so fingers crossed, lots of prayers and happy thoughts would be appreciated) - if he gets hired and starts to get a few paychecks under his belt, then doing all these $$ projects will just fall into place.
In the meantime, while Mark is still here during the day, we can focus on things like cleaning out the gutters, weed whacking some of the gardens that are more weeds than anything else, we need a "chain saw" day to cut down/back/apart some of the wood that we have on the property. We've definitely started a list of things that need to happen around here. So just when you think we'll get a nice...long....break - BAM! Dust off your shoulders, give your sleeves another roll, slap each other on the ass and get back to it LOL!
Hey, if you give me a little bit to create the post, we are going to update the Mabel the Milking Goat blog - we'll have pictures and videos and all kinds of info about how and why we get our milk from our back yard. Check it out!


  1. Boy, sounds like you certainly both have a lot on your plate but isnt that exciting. Remember when you were in the apartment and could only dream of having these issues. My Rob is having another interview today. Fingers crossed for them both. You will have to do me an aerial drawing. I dont know the layout of the land in reference to where the old barn is. If its closer to house then blue but if its closer to new barn then red. It really is a good looking new barn - well done. Goodness, you certainly have to plan things over there. Want a laugh - here, if there is a public holiday and the supermarkets are shut for only 1/2 a day (happens on Good Friday) and 1 full day (end of the world - Christmas Day) then everyone panics and buy loads of groceries. We dont have snow, ice, blizzards, tornadoes, earthquakes, anything. We did just go through a 15 year drought and many of the farmers in the outback did it pretty tough but with water restrictions, us townies were OK. Sometimes, it might be good to have a shake up around here. Everyone is so blase and like I said, so reliant on convenience of 24 hr shopping 7 days a week. I am not a shopper at all. I dont enjoy crowds and Im a firm believer that if you need it you will go get it. If you go looking for something to want then that's crazy. Time, is the only thing I want - Time at home. I live in the fastest growing municipality in Australia. Everyweek there are a 1000 more people. We are on the west of Melbourne and the eastern side is pretty full so because we are still only 20 min from centre of Melbourne City, they are all coming out our way. 15 years ago we were on the outside of our city and had cows in the paddock next door. Now we are in the centre. The growth has brought lots of ammenities etc but the infrastructure of roads, schools, hospitals etc is lagging by about two years. So the 20 min drive to work sometimes means 45 min because you cant get out of town to the freeways. Not whinging, just sharing.

  2. I love hearing about the differences between here and there and often share your thoughts with our whole family...so keep it coming :-) Around here, everything is very driven by the seasons...In Ohio, there is a definite Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. I notice it more living in the country...any time now the tractors will be heavier on the roads and begin pulling the crops from the field. Our mornings and evenings have been much cooler - which is great while trying to get out there and milk and feed. Our Winters are typically pretty mild...some snow, some ice, definitely cold...but sometimes we get some pretty good storms. I remember when we first got custody of Mark's oldest daughter, Tiffany. It was at Christmas break and we were trying to get her enrolled in school, but couldn't because we had a crazy ice storm. The schools were closed down - no busses could run. It was snowy and icy. Driving was scary. I feel like another one of those is coming...maybe I'll be wrong - but since the whole world has had some crazy weather, I worry that we are due.

  3. I'll be working soon and be bringing in money to continue with our bigger projects...in the meantime, there are so many man/womanpower jobs to do while there's still some warmth outside :) We're rockin' the dream, Sweetheart <3
    I Love You!