Friday, August 10, 2012

Hay Delivery and Farm Tour

Hey - who is that handsome man? That's my Mark!
Our makeshift hay bale ramp
Same tool - from a different angle
Drake, his friend Eion, Cora and me - waiting to help pull the hay up.
I have to admit - Mark is pretty freaking smart. This process makes lifting bales of hay to the second level SO MUCH EASIER
Five bales up - four to go! One more will go on the main level to feed the animals from.
Push Mark, PUSH!
Pull kids! PULL!!!
The young men, after some muscle building exercises!
Me and kids, minus Gage...hey! Where IS Gage?? Probably playing video games.
Ollie! I see you!
Cora and Eion...Love Cora's outfit LOL
Eion helping the animals reach the yummy pine.
You can reach it Mabel!
Blossom and Josie wondering why I'm out there with the camera.
Drake and Eion - playing with the animals.
Stretch Flora! You can reach!
Eion and Drake - hanging with the animals.
Jeremiah -the bullfrog that apparently lives in our barn!
Hi Frankie!
Is it wrong that when I look at Frankie, all I can think about it what a beautiful sweater she is going to make??
Josie and Blossom in the pen.
Steve and Jester in the pen.
Itty and Frankie in the pen.

Mabel and Flora in the pen.
Whew - what a busy morning. I took a MUCH needed PTO day today and Monday. Today was to help Mark with morning chores - we had a lot of rain last night and the pens were a MESS. We needed to get the animals out to pasture and rake the pens, add hay and minerals for everyone and then cover the floors in pine shavings. We let Steve and Itty out to pasture and it seems that everyone was playing nicely together (with the exception of Mabel - who was as bossy and pushy as ever - it really bothers me when she just butts into the side of Itty...I'm worried that she is going to reinjure her). After this post, I'm going to grab a quick shower and then we are taking the kids to Jungle Jims International Market. Gage wants his party tomorrow to have an international theme - so I'm hoping that Jungle Jims will have a different snacks for everyone to try out. I took Monday off, since we are hoping to get back to working on siding and roof shingles on the barn and get that finished before the cooler fall (and eventually winter) weather comes in. It works just fine, now that the weather is still warm. But soon, school will be starting and we'll be busy with all that comes with that. Plus we need to have the final inspections on the barn and make sure that we are all set with the county.
I will end this post with a video of the barn/pasture area....Enjoy!


  1. Woman, just take a look at the photo of you in the barn. I know you are working hard and in the privacy of your own barn BUT that husband of yours is not going to keep blogging about how sexy you are in that getup. Truly - is that gumboots and PJ Bottoms? Im not expecting makeup before a photo shoot BUT??? LOL Chill, you look happy and relaxed. Mark can keep dreaming!

  2. Ha ha ha - that is my usual barn get up...the sexy comes after all that LOL. The boots...I know you can't see in the picture - but they are pink, with gold roosters...and yup, PJ bottoms. I'll get a picture of the sexy and put that up here...Balance, my dear, balance :-) You get the good with the bad at Fresh Eggs ;-)