Friday, August 24, 2012

Side by Side

So much change in just two years!


  1. What colour was Cora's hair in 2010? It looks weird but casual with no uniforms. Its pretty much standard here at all schools. Tom currently has grey slacks, white business shirt, school tie, and he choses the navy jumper but it could be jacket, vest. Shoes must be black lace up leather and hair must be short. At his last school which he attended he wore a suit. You should have seen how cute he was as a five year old in a blazer and tie. Funny, he actually misses it. Still your kids look happy with beaming smiles - you must be doing alot right. Tom started work on Wednesday and also yesterday - total 9 hrs at what you would call Burger King but we call Hungry Jacks. I was nervous about how he would do but he tells us he aced it. Lots on on line training on OH&S, procedure and policies so he is wading thought it - 63 units - not fun for Aspie that doesnt like reading. I did get your email and will attend to sending package shortly. I just spent the weekend at Introduction to Permaculture. Cool group, yummy food and lots of "hippy" info that I can use in my garden design. Cannot wait to get my hands dirty. I have two of my beds and more to come. The group running the course "Shoestring Gardening" sell seedling to raise money so I'll put my hard saved pocket money their way instead of our National Hardware & Gardening chain. Cheers Shelby and family.

  2. Intro to Permaculture sounds amazing! Congrats to Tom and his new job!!!
    I couldn't imagine wearing a suit every day to school. Too cute! Our kids go to public school (most public schools do not have uniforms, although some do) - private school uniforms are typically a polo style shirt with dress pants or skirt. Simple, plain clothes. Our kids cannot wear tank shirts, they have to have sleeves, cannot promote alcohol (No Miller Lite t-shirts for these kids), and the skirts/shorts have to be long enough that it is at least an inch past their finger tips.
    Cora's hair...CUTE! Around here, we have a program called Locks of Love. Locks of Love provides wigs to children suffering from medical hairloss (cancer treatments or alopecia etc.) - they take hair donations to create the wigs from. Essentially, you go to a hairdresser and if they can cut a 10 inch long ponytail off, you can donate that hair to Locks of Love. Cora is 8 and has already donated twice and is probably ready to donate again. What you are seeing in that 2010 picture is right after she had donated her hair for the second time and we let her dye her hair any color she wanted. She decided burgundy/pink was the winner. The boys have blue/green hair too (although it's hard to tell). We figure, it's only hair :-) Let them have fun. Their schools now only allow "natural colors" - black, blond, brown etc.