Monday, August 20, 2012

Monday, Monday...start at the bottom :-)

Mark has been doing an amazing job with the roof. He's all the way to top of the first layer, on the right side and working his way across. By the looks of it, he might be done by this Friday! Which would be AMAZING!

Same side of the roof - slightly different angle.

Mark - on the roof!

Have I mentioned how much I LOVE LOVE LOVE the shingles?

Seriously, aren't the shingles awesome!

...and because I thought you could use some farm cuteness...There is Ollie and Jester in the barn hallway, snuggling.

My first attempt at canning grape jelly...which ended up more like grape sauce.

Putting the grapes through the food mill. Kinda not so attractive.

Grape skins and canning jars.

Grape skins.


How the grapes started.

Starting to de-skin.

Grape skins.

Um...this is going to take longer than I thought!

Frankie has the most beautiful eyes.

Itty, Frankie and Steve snuggling under their favorite bush.
This weekend started pretty rough. I got a phone call on Friday morning. It was my mother calling to say that her best friend, since 3rd grade, passed away unexpectedly. She was heartbroken. I grabbed a shower and took a PTO day and went to be with my parents. It was tough to see how hurt my parents are, but I'm so glad I had the opportunity to be there to support them.
The next two days, we spent working on the barn - we NEED to get the shingles up. With the cooler weather, it's been a constant reminder of winter and thus the need to give our animals a comfortable home. The open shelter of a barn has been great during the hot summer we've had - but now we need to finish the siding and the roof...hence the rush of activity you are seeing here.
Sunday - well, that was the official, back to school shopping day. The kids had some extra money burning holes in their pockets, so we took them to a few places of their choice to look at video games and clothes. We grabbed school supplies and a ton of groceries.
I also tried to make grape jelly..and well...not so much. Meh! Next time :-)

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  1. The shingles do look fab. We dont have them here - in fact I dont think I've actually seen a building with them other than TV but they look great. Great Job Mark!!! Who needs a teaching job? We have an organisation here called "Hire a Hubby" for all those women on their own and for slack metro men with no trade skills. This would be ideal for Mark. Grape Jelly? I got one bed built on the weekend. I have the framework for two more but hubby is not so in the mood and its a two person rivet job - maybe I could hire a hubby. Good thing - you dont have to listen to the grumbling and tend to the aches and pains. LOL.

    Hey - I was going to ask if your decor involved needlepoint. I have some hand made cross stich pieces that are lovely (very homesteady) but not really my decor. If you would like I could mail them to you. Send address to