Sunday, August 12, 2012

Today at the Homestead

As promised, we went back to work on the barn today. We are worried that with this sudden transition to cooler weather, that fall...then winter will be heading our way and we won't have our animals prepared. Today, Mark's brother, Jon, came and spent the entire day helping us working on getting the 2x4s that the siding will attach to. We also framed out the upper level doors and put rails on either side.
Tomorrow - we'll be back at it. I feel accomplished.
Me and Mark's brother, Jon, working on the barn.
Itty, Frankie, Ollie, and Jester playing "King of the Hill" with our bench.
Steve and Jester - hanging out in the pasture.

Mark and Jon - giving me a heart attack! Be careful Mark!

Safety first Mark!

Mark and Jon.
Steve's so dreamy LOL
Drake and his Uncle Jon - close up!
Drake and his Uncle Jon on the upper level of the barn.
Mark and Jon, working on the barn

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  1. Feels so good to be working to finish up the barn! We had a great first day back into it!