Sunday, August 12, 2012

Bringing sexy back!

It was brought to my attention that, when I work on the farm, I don't always bring the sexy back ;-) It's true...many times I'm out there in the night prior's PJs and wait for super awesome rubber boots that are pink/purple with GOLD roosters (Thanks TSC!). I find that there is no reason to "dress for success" when I'm out there raking up poo! However, I will now present you with a handful of photos where I'm looking all cleaned up and purty ...Enjoy!
Picking out a treat from Hershey's Chocolate World, Hershey, PA.
Milking Mabel, out in the driveway...before we had the stand in the barn :-)
Me with Cora and Drake
Good morning time!
In January, before I chopped my hair :-)
About a month ago, after I chopped about 10 inches off my hair.
So see...I'm not always all dolled up, but when I do, I clean up pretty good :-)


  1. You are beautiful and gorgeous always :)

  2. Hey Sexy! I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who shovels poop in last night's PJ's and my rubber farm boots!!! Sexy minds think alike, eh?

  3. OK OK you are awesome - love the pic with the purple jumper and you have beautiful eyes. I hope you know I was having fun (at your expense - cause that's what friends do). Yes, Mark certainly is batting above his average, I'd say. Oh, and just in case you think Im this gorgeous bronzed Aussie beach babe, Im definitely more cuddly than you, 10 years older (read more wrinkles), fair skin and auburn hair. I'd give anything to have land in which to have critters that make poo, so I could clean it up in my PJ's with Glam Boots!!! You do know that they do that because you keep putting it in the other end! Stop doing that!! So There - Have I shovelled enough shit to be forgiven for my observation? LOL

  4. Lynda - you didn't need to shovel any shit :-) I knew you were just having fun. I just didn't want to scare anyone off because of my lovely fashion sense. My dad was disappointed in my purple and gold boots because they weren't "standard issue" black or green. LOL.
    ....and by the way, about being "more cuddly" - I think it's better when you have a little more to love ;-)
    Maria - Right?! LOL I mean, the animals don't care if we are wearing farm boots or something fresh off the runway - they'll poo on it just the same. Have an awesome night've made mine!