Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Alpaca Walk

Wondering what we did tonight? Mark and I made a halter for our alpaca, out of rope, and took Blossom for a walk around the pasture, out of the barn, through the back yard, around to the front, down the drive, across the street to the mailbox and back. She did great and although I was nervous that she'd get out somehow...I was impressed that I kept her under control. We are all set for our "Kiss a Llama" event tomorrow. **EXCITED!!!


  1. What The??? Kiss a Lama Event????

    Poor Blossom.

  2. The "Kiss a Llama" event is to raise money for Heifer International. They raise money by voting who has to kiss a Llamaits pretty cute. The money goes to donate a Llama to a village in need. Blossom loves to give kisses...she'll love it.