Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day and Alpaca Kisses

How do you get an alpaca into a mini-van, very, very, very carefully. LOL
With Blossom's help, Miami University, Hamilton Campus was able to raise enough money to donate a Llama to a community in need - through their "Kiss a Llama" campaign. She kissed, not only the winner, but anyone she could get her lips on.

Blossom got lots of great kisses today - around 50 people came and took advantage of this awesome photo-op. They pet her, loved on her, took pictures, asked questions about her, got kisses from her....such a neat experience.

Me and my girl, Blossom.
...and the winner is...Theresa was SO SO SO excited to "win" a Kiss with a "Llama"

Blossom even gave a baby belly a good luck kiss.

With some convincing, and heavy lifting, we were able to get Blossom BACK into the mini-van. Look at that cute alpaca butt.
On a completely different note, I found a great recipe for a lighter and fluffier vanilla cake (in this case, cupcakes). Check out this recipe:
Valentines Day cupcakes for my crew

Cupcakes for Cora's class


  1. Blossom was looking so gorgeous today. Amazing effort to raise funds. Gosh you guys are certainly involved in your community. Love the cup cakes - what a special mum you are. No more home baking for schools or creches here - everything has to be made in a commercial kitchen (OH&S) and Food Handling certifified which means all cakes have to be bought with manufacturers label and receipt attached. What a pain in the arse - when Tom was little i used to send him to school with home baked cakes but no more. Safetly gone mad. Ingredients have to be checked for no nuts, no contact with seafood in production, and in some cases no gluten. They do look lovely and i might try them soon.

  2. gosh i must have been in a hurry, look at all my spelling mistakes.

  3. Some areas here in the US have started going to prepackaged, but we live in such a rural area that they do prayers before big events and realized home cooking is still best. They just make sure no one uses nuts etc.