Friday, March 1, 2013

Mama Mabel

It happened! I'm so freaking excited!!! Mabel gave birth to two beautiful baby girls this evening. Both girls, both healthy, both nursing, both walking around...everyone is quite tired, as you can imagine. Of course Mabel chose when I wasn't even home to give birth and all of us missed the actual act. I had to run Cora to Dayton for a trip to the ENT (survey says...she needs her tonsils and adenoids taken out - no shocker there!) - they are hoping to get Drake and her scheduled on the same day (if Drake indeed needs his taken)....more to that story later. 
I had last checked Mabel and Flora around 1:45 this afternoon and while I noticed that Mabel was especially grumpy, I thought we had a little time. Although her whoha looked glossy - there wasn't a noticeable drip/ooze coming from it. I asked my daughter, Kait, and her boyfriend, David, to check the girls before Kait went to work (if Mark wasn't home yet). Gage and Drake checked her around 3:30 babies. BUT, by the time Mark got home at around 4:35...two babies were surrounding Mabel!! I was still about an hour from being home (GRR...I missed it!). I got a text from Mark "Two Babies! Call Me!". I started to cry in both celebration and frustration that I missed it. Cora and I spent the trip home high fiving each other, dancing and singing along to the radio - both hoping that the hour trip home would pass by quickly. 
When we got home, Mark was waiting in the driveway with a pair of boots for each of us....and then, we laid eyes on those sweet little babies...Now, I'll share them with all of you...

....and here are some of the most adorable videos you'll ever see...

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  1. Oh my Lordie, how cute. I think im going to be seeing lots of pics in the next few days. What a proud papa. Cora's smile is adorable. Touching them and holding them was a good idea - it humanises them so you can handle them later. LOL Here's me giving YOU advice? Have a wonderful day today.