Saturday, March 2, 2013

More Mabel Baby Pictures

Baby goat kisses...LOVE
She takes after her daddy - but not as dark brown, more like caramel.

Mabel gave Blossom the business when she came to give the new herd members a sniff.

Pretty girl - she's the smaller of the two, but the stronger one.
She's jet black, with a tuft of white on the forehead, a "soul patch" of white on her chin and a small patch of white on her toe.
Working on the nursing thing...
My Cora, the farm girl.
Mabel keeps a close eye on her babies.
Ollie helps Mabel clean the baby bottoms!
Mama Mabel and the babies.
Goodness these little ones are SO cute!
Drake and the little brown one.
Enjoy a new video of Mabel and the babies in the barnyard...
Everyone seems to be getting along well. I worry about the little black one sometimes - she is fine, but I see her with poo on her butt from time to time - Mabel (and Ollie?) need to do a better job with cleaning her off. Mabel is a great mom though, very attentive and loving. The black one does seem to be not quite as strong...the caramel colored one is smaller but stronger. They are both absolutely beautiful.
Flora still hasn't had her baby (babies?) yet...her sides are very wide (especially the right side) and she seems to be displaying pregnancy symptoms a day or so after Mabel displayed the same maybe just a few more days? Maybe we should try to track the breeding dates better by keeping the boys separated until it is time to mate...I don't know...but maybe this just works for us too...
Our next task though...NAMES! "The little black one" and "The little brown one" will only get us so far. When we figure it'll hear it here. :-)


  1. Flora and Flake (Cora & Kait)
    Gretal & Florence
    Pip and Squeak (love their little bleats)
    Petal and Flower

    You do realise you are going to have a serious time trying to get back to work. I think you need a week off. Mamas in love.

  2. Naming is so much fun! Your new babies are beautiful. Look forward to more pictures:)