Thursday, March 28, 2013


Tonight we planted an herb garden...ok, truth be told, they aren't ALL herbs (we threw in a bit of lettuce and spinach)...The shelves we built out of 2x4s, two sets about 6 1/2 feet long and tiered in height - something simple to fill this very underutilized space on our front porch. To give you perspective - in this first picture, if I were to look directly to the right, I'd see the "front door" that actually walks into our bedroom. If I look to the left, I would look out onto the rest of our front porch and the steps that go out into our yard.

We planted an herb garden...

I adore this shelf space...
Kait, David, Gage, Drake, Cora and I took terra cotta pots and decorated them with paint markers. I'm amazed at how cute these turned out to be.
More pots...
...and even more pots.
We have in here...
Lemon Balm

We also have four planters that are on either side of our steps that go from one tier of our land down to another and in two of those we planted Lavender and in the other two Chamomile.
Mark and I sat on the front porch tonight for just a bit before the sun finally set. Being able to have time to do these pots and sit together and feed/hay our animals BEFORE then sun in down is a definite sign that the days are longer...Which I LOVE...and there was sunshine...Which I LOVE...and there was Mark and Shelby time AND family time...Which I LOVE...AND it was Kait and David's turn to make dinner...Which I ABSOLUTELY LOVE!!! We don't have to plan, purchase, prepare or clean up after dinner on nights like this.
It's a good night.


  1. I'd say. I love the pots and the personal touches. That's a lot of herbs. I have them as well but they tend to go to seed before i use them. I hoping that i get better at this and also preserving. Never seems to be time. Today is Easter Friday so i am reflective but also chilling with 4 days off. I LOVE how your family works together and plays together.

    1. This year, for us, is also about learning to use all of our food wisely and preserve better too. I know there are a lot of herbs out there - so we need to be smart about them.
      We have Easter Sunday too...I don't get time off for it (other than the weekend) - we are having some people over and preparing a yummy meal.
      BTW - the kids do (mostly) help and work/play together - but it's not without some convincing. Cora and Drake are usually the first ones to come, Gage drags his feet a bit.