Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Strawberry Fields Forever

I wanted to share something with you...Ok, try not to UGHHHHH too loudly when you see that the high/low for today is only 47/27...But skip ahead to the Friday and Saturday...we are eeking into the mid-50's and even the 60's and not a speck of snow is on this entire forecast (...or even the 10-day!)!!!! Dare I say that Spring is Here?!?!?!
Well, at least my plants are starting to believe that it is Spring, and I trust my plants (mostly). Our seedlings that are still inside are popping through and reaching for the sun coming through the windows. Yesterday we got a kick out of turning our cauliflower sprouts away from the sun and coming back and hour or two later and finding that they had turned around and were reaching toward the sun again...smarty pants. I wish my tomatoes were doing better...I'm counting on them for our canning experience this year - so I'm hoping that they germinate and grow strong (last year we didn't grow a single tomato).
Our garlic has sprouted outside, I'm still waiting for any sign of life in the herb garden, but it just went it'll be a little bit. I still have yet to get my potatoes in the ground! I wanted to get that done on St. Patrick's day...but the weather has just not been cooperating with us. I received an email notification yesterday that said our strawberry plants (50 of them) have been shipped and are scheduled to arrive at our house by end of day tomorrow. I guess that means that we have to build their home huh? Last night, we grabbed some wood and pulled out our saw, drill and some screws and made a three level tower for the strawberries. We still need to fill them with dirt (by dirt, I mean, peat, potting soil and...alpaca, goat, sheep and rabbit poo) and stack the tower guess what I'm doing today/tonight. (...and since the kids are on spring break, I'm hoping to convince them to help me shoveling loads of "dirt" in for both the strawberries AND the potatoes...hmmm)
Our neighbor came over the night before last and tilled our garden in the back yard. Yesterday morning he came over and I thanked him profusely - he said he "ain't done yet", he just wanted to get it turned over to help it dry out a bit (from our VERY wet winter, snow and rain) about 2-3 weeks, he'll come back and till it again...which means that we have 2-3 weeks to spread out our compost onto the garden and he'll be able to mix the compost into the garden and give us beautiful, healthy, rich soil to transplant our seedlings and plant our seeds directly in to. LOVE!
Tomorrow night, we go to the beekeepers club for a special meeting about assembling your beehive. We've got our brooder boxes mostly put together (as I posted earlier) - we need to figure out how to make the frames stronger and learn about any tips that they have about the hives, how to keep them sturdy and where to put them. Then, on Friday we are heading toward Amish Country - we'll be staying at a hotel for the night (Mark, the kids and I are going - Kait and David will stay here to take care of the animals). On Saturday morning, we'll attend Backyard Chickens 101, at the hatchery and then we'll go to Lehmans and grab lunch and then head back home. Next week, the chicks will be here - peep peep peep.


  1. OH, i woke up this morning enjoying the coolness (about 8C) and so dressed with a light long sleeve knit sweater. Got into the car turned on the radio and its going to be back up to 28C today and for the next 3 days. Crazy Crazy weather - i think the plants are as confused as us. I put broccoli seeds in on Sunday and this morning they are up!!! What The???

  2. Im missing a comment - i did 2, maybe even 3 but ive come back to read again at home because there is so much going on in your world at the moment, its hard to keep up. Got to love your neighbour. That deserves a few homecooked pies, or do you have some other form of barter going on. Im going to a farmers fare on Sat too - with Rob (Cool) - meeting up with a local blog friend (never met). Amish Country - crazy to think you go to places that are for us just something on TV or Yutube. Should be great for the kids. Cheers Mate.

  3. We watch our for our neighbor too...home cooked pies, gift cards for Tractor Supply Company etc. We'll likely help them with offering a chicken or two (and some honey etc.).
    That'll be fun for your and Rob to go to the farmers fare...seems like your family is a little more involved than expected :-). Amish country is really cool. There are sects all around us - within a few hours in any direction. The horse drawn carriages are beautiful and their way of life is typically so natural and pure. Lehmans is a store that focuses on non-electric, old fashion items. We've been there a couple times and ordered from them online. We love it...hopefully we''ll find some goodies for the farm!