Wednesday, May 12, 2010


I'm frustrated - I think I'm giving in for the garden this year...throwing in the towel. I'm hoping that I can kick this feeling - but I'm really frustrated. There is nothing in the ground (just what we have in the pots). Don't get me wrong...we have a TON in pots - but the regular beans, squash, tomatoes etc. NADA! My seeds are a wreck! The starter pots were trashed - someone came along and flipped them over. I hate this place. I hate feeling stuck. I wish I had answers. I wish I could see growth on the horizon. I'm losing hope. The excitement I felt a couple of weeks ago is met with weeks of no more words...Did I mention that I'm frustrated?
The only positive today is that Mark is graduating 4 weeks from Saturday!


  1. god honey i'm so sorry to hear still have time with tomato, cucumbers, beans, etc starts. don't give up!! big heavy pots and do a potted garden like i did last year if the garden a-holes are aflutter. ? but either way, 4 weeks are great then you are free to check out the rest of the world (ahem...)

  2. :-) I'm just having a moment...I'm sure that as soon as the warm sun shows itself I'll be deep in the garden...It's just annoying. We have a goal of August 1 to be out of here...So I don't even know if it is worth putting seeds in the ground this year. Maybe "more pots" is the way to go...then we can just move our goodies along with us. I just can't believe that parents don't teach their children to respect other people's stuff.