Wednesday, May 19, 2010


So sad...took a walk to the garden with Blue this morning and found that someone or something had eaten a good majority of our strawberries. I was so mad. I immediately assumed that one of the nightmare neighbors had something to do with this. However, I saw one of my favorite little guys and we talked about how the strawberries were gone - he seemed genuinely surprise by this. But then our conversation quickly changed with a "guess what I saw!!!!" - "what?" I said just as excited..."A MOOSE" - this little guy was so excited to tell me about the BIG moose he saw (of course I assumed he meant TOY moose) - but then he proceeded to tell me about how the moose got scared and ran down the road toward the park. WAIT JUST ONE MINUTE!!?? Have I mentioned that I live in Southwest Ohio and last time I checked...moose ain't from around these parts!? So I looked at him and said "do you mean a deer?" and with the CUTEST grin, like he just realized how silly he sounded (and he's only four), he goes "oh yeah...deer" (grin). Aww my heart just melted - so cute. I laughed and we talked about deer and how neat that was to see a deer just walking around in our suburban neighborhood and that MAYBE just maybe it was actually the deer not the little bastards that ate our berries. We talked about how he shouldn't go up to a deer (as memories of my first deer approach flooded my brain - along with the snort and hoof pound "challenge" that the deer offered me). I also told him to tell me when he sees Mr. Deer again - because I'm a little jealous!
The pots might be on the move...I don't know - I just don't want to lose EVERYTHING...ALL the time. It's so frustrating.


  1. well that's one thing ya don't see in NoPo!

  2. paying it forward girlie:

  3. Oh, deer. Wouldn't it be nice if they ate poison ivy and dandelions?