Sunday, May 16, 2010


Ok...ok...I posted to FB that I must be a masochist because I did it! I planted the garden. I spent three hours in my garden yesterday with Drake, Cora and one of the neighborhood boys weeding, cutting back the grass that surrounds the area, planting all kinds of goodies, adding the wire "protectors" around the planting hills and installing tomato stakes. FWEW! We planted corn, beans, butternut and acorn squash, pumpkin, tomatoes (regular and cherry), cucumbers, green peppers and carrots. I need to get some good compost to add a layer to the potato boxes. There is one bed that we aren't going to use this year and I need to pull down the rest of the leftover lettuce from last season. I also need to build a couple trellises We should be good to go after that.
While I hate to put so much energy into something, just to have it destroyed or to move away from it - I just love watching it grow. I just love the taste of fresh fruits and veggies. I love our walks to the back of the building and watching our children explore the gardens for signs of life. I just keep thinking about our home with our gardens and our animals. I keep thinking about the Florida potential in our lives and imagine this beautiful lush farm mixed in with neighbors who are struggling to grow grass in sand. I imagine us composting and collecting our rain to grow the food that will feed my children.
On a side note - we received a letter about Gage - he has been accepted into the Math honors 7 program for next year. If he does well - then he will go into Algebra I in 8th grade (PROUD MAMA) addition, his art teacher sent us a hand written letter requesting that Gage join the art club next year, due to his unique style. Cora and Drake are doing amazing too! I'm really excited to see what this next year brings us.

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