Saturday, May 8, 2010

Mother's Day

Tomorrow is Mother's Day...the day I've been waiting for to put my plants in the ground "safely" WHY is it 46 degrees out today!? FORTY SIX!!!!! I can't believe it. The good news is that we have BEAUTIFUL blueberries and strawberries growing...and little, baby blackberries and raspberries. We planted our trees in pots the other day...they are all growing so well. Today or tomorrow we are going to buy an apple tree for Mother's Day...YAY FRUIT!!!

My dad's birthday/retirement party was last night - it was a nice time and great to see how happy my dad is now. You could tell that the stress is gone from his face. Soon they are leaving for their trip out west - 11 parents and an RV - hopefully all three will make it back! In honor of both my mother and father's retirement, the three of us kids (and our spouses) pitched in and got them $150 in AmEx gift card, a six pack of beer, pomegranate martini mixer and ear plugs...I think they're gonna make it :-)

Five weeks from today Mark graduates! 35 days - CRAZY! He's applied for a couple positions...times are tough though...we'll see! I'm sure he will get something - because frankly...he's amazing.


  1. 46, wow! that was us last week, we must have sent it your's 68 here today and i wore a sundress & sunscreen & shades all day...woo hoo...hoping you'll get that next...hey at least you're not in nashville huh... xoxo

  2. I know - Nashville is really taking a's really sad. Still cold today - but that's not going to stop us from getting a fruit tree to plant. That's my Mama's day gift!!!