Saturday, January 1, 2011

January First Two Thousand and Eleven

I'm a numbers person. I get excited about unique number combinations...especially on dates. Gage was born 8/8/98 at 8:16 am...Drake at 11/10/00...Cora was born on Kait's half birthday. I think about these things...and this year, this day being 1111 - that has got to mean something...right?
I feel like something HUGE is on our horizon. Work is going well and there are rumors of career growth swirling (promotion? raise?? We'll see...). We are <--THIS--> close to home ownership and a promotion/raise would be so helpful in getting that ball rolling. While I'm not necessarily seeing a Florida future any longer...I am seeing a farmhouse and animals - but more importantly, I am seeing wide-open spaces. I cannot wait to open a door and just telling Drake and our dog Blue to run...watching them run across our land until they are just dots in the distance. Drake told me yesterday that he's looking forward to being in the country and seeing all the stars....Bliss.
I'm not sure how I feel about new years resolutions...It seems that most people make there grandiose resolutions and by the second week of the year they feel that they have failed themselves. I like the idea of making goals and guidelines for the coming year and celebrating when the goals come to reality. Ah sure I need to lose weight, eat better...blah blah blah. But in reality I feel that those things will come. Imagine a time where we can go to our backyard and pick apples, pears and some berries and make a salad...knowing that they are free of chemicals and grown with love. That MEANS healthier eating and hopefully will lead to weight loss. So if I set the larger goals...the smaller goals will trickle down. I also think about my goal of keeping better contact with friends and family - but right now, that is so difficult because of the space in this apartment. We don't feel comfortable inviting people over. The place is bursting with just the seven of us in it. However, when we have a farm house with open spaces, indoor and out, we can feel comfortable inviting people over for celebrations...or just because.
While I am thankful for 2010...we made so many memories this year...but we've also had a lot of frustration, heartache and a feeling of being in limbo. It feels good to look forward to a brand new year...a year with good numbers...a year of high expectations. Thank you for coming along for the ride.

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  1. It's GOTTA be a better year (knock on wood)! There were a lot of good things, but it was the year of limbo. At least we're seeing signs of direction and can search for our house in our most likely home :) Look out, Preble County(?), the Robertses are a-comin'! Looking forward to an awesome year of moving forward!