Sunday, January 16, 2011

A three hour tour...

Since we are thinking that a move closer to the Indiana border (or a place with easy access to Indiana) is a good move for us (personally and professionally)...and since we are not very familiar with that area of the state a road trip was certainly in order. It was supposed to be a three hour drive...but it ended up being much longer and I'm ok with that. Mark and I found a couple great houses (great on Trulia anyway) and just wanted to check 'em out. First stop - a home in need of "extreme rehab" in West Alexandria...this house needed a LOT of love; perhaps more love than we have to offer. Add to it that the neighbors are <-THIS-> close...this home isn't going to make our short list. Off to College Corner...LOVE LOVE LOOOOOVE this area. Rolling hills, creeks, single lane bridges....Did I mention that I LOVE this area. They have the most amazing log cabin for sale, three bedrooms, two bathrooms, 4 acres, a creek along the side and a cemetery near by (strange, I know...but we love old cemeteries). OK, ok - this place is totally out of our price range (unless I'm up for a major raise...) - it's the one pictured in my previous blog. If we could afford it and it is still on the market in another couple months when we are actually ready to would be our new home.
After lunch in Oxford and checking out the little college town we drove up through Eaton into Lewisburg to see a couple properties (meh..) and then we cut across 70 to revisit our other favorite home (the white house pictured in my last post). When we got there, we found that some jerk had broken the back slider door - we called the police and the listing agent. An officer came out and we talked for a moment. Told him that it had happened just in the past couple days, since we were just here. We talked about how the person had to be a jerk if they did something like this to such a great house. I was if the house was ours already. But then the officer said, 'you know, once I clear the house and make sure it is empty, you are more than welcome to take a look around if you want' LIKE INSIDE THE HOUSE...WALK AROUND AND SEE THE UPSTAIRS AND EVERYTHING!!! Hell yeah!!!! So, he walked around and gave us the all clear...he waited in the kitchen while we looked around and even lent us his flashlight for some of the darker corners of the house. I love this one too. It is a 160 year old home. Five bedrooms (two with their own fireplace) and a full bathroom upstairs. Amazing kitchen, a living room and family room downstairs (each with a fireplace), a dining room, a space that could work as a Master and 1 1/2 bathrooms downstairs. Even a partial basement (root cellar?). A river and MetroPark across the street. Again, I am in love with this home.
It's so strange - one home is perfect, perfectly manicured, exactly what we'd want from a home...and is $173,000 and the other home needs a lot of work, but seems to have SO much potential...and is $74,900. I get giddy and excited about both...I really can't wait to find our home and be able to purchase it.


  1. looking is half the fun, huh? keep it up and you'll get just the right house! glad you got to go tour.

  2. I'm so excited to keep looking at homes, new towns, and new adventures! I also LOVE the Camden/College Corner Area - especially for the hills and woods. It is weird, though, how the Taylorsville Road house likes us so much. There's a karma there that keeps drawing us back (and inside). Shout out to 45 east :) Love you and your blog!