Monday, January 24, 2011

Let the heartache and healing begin

My beautiful, perfect, amazing, know, the one with five (eventually six) bedrooms and 2.5 (eventually 3) bathrooms, with the perfect kitchen for our huge family - the house that has 2.37 acres of land. That white house, the one I called the city to ask the well field protection area, in the conservation district, zoned for agriculture - the one that the zoning guy specifically said "so you having bees, chickens, cows, goats and pigs is exactly what we WANT you to do with that property" unattainable. The bank won't sell to anyone that doesn't offer cash. CASH!? That's not us. I'm heartbroken. I fell in love with the first home I really looked at...and it won't be ours. On to plan B.


  1. Back to plan A...we'll be pre-approved soon, and we'll be able to work with our realtor to find our home. We found some good people to work with us and we have a plan, which is more than we had a year ago :) We just wanted the first house that smiled at us, before we were even ready for a relationship. So close, Shelby, SO close!!

  2. Just a quick encouragement from a Dayton, Ohio farmgirl!!....Don't be discouraged. Really. If it is to be yours, keep those bridges open to that banker. Bug him alittle if you must, ask for a loop hole, any other way! If this is what you will come!
    Blessed Be!!

  3. Awww thanks for the encouragement Kelly! It scares me that they want to sell A) cash and B) without inspection - I guess that should scream red flag to me! My practical side says - let it go...the passionate side still wants the house. I have to know that the perfect house is out there for us.

  4. there's something for you on my most recent blog post... :)