Thursday, June 24, 2010


...Tick...Tock being back at the apartment makes me hear the clock tick tocking even louder. I feel a little like a broken record but it is so close... I spoke to my boss today and it sounds like there is a potential of greater things in store for him - does that mean growth for me too? Perhaps.
We've completely outgrown this place - we are bursting at the seams. So, we've started packing. That's right! We've started the process of sorting, purging and packing our items that aren't regularly used. That feels good. Although the house seems strangely messier while we are in this process...but soon freeing and refreshing.


  1. good for you girl...remember don't limit yourself to what one company can do for you - you have so much potential and can go anywhere you want and do as much or even more good than you've already proud of you!!

  2. We ARE so close! Approaching the bend, nearing the peak, however you want to look at it - we're almost at the beginning :) Our apartment has lost its purpose and we need to move on - time for destiny to take us for a ride!