Sunday, June 6, 2010

There's no place like home...but where is that?

Being away from our apartment makes us all realize how that is truly NOT our home...just simply a place where we lay our heads while our land waits for us to be ready. It's all up to money now...we've readied the family members that might have have issues with us potentially moving away - we all feel like where we are isn't where we are meant to be. Maybe we are wrong - but it just doesn't feel like us anymore in Ohio. I feel like work will be coming with an opportunity for us. Perhaps this is just wishful thinking...but we feel that there is a better place for us. One where we can utilize the Earth, sun, water, air and land to best the needs of our family. Mark and I sat down today with the plan that we have developed for our barn home. We compared room sizes to those in my parents' home to see if we are being realistic and...we are. We know that we want space for our family as it stands now - but we also want space to fit our family in the future and guests for the near future - but we also don't want to be overwhelmed when our family is grown and has left the farm. We want to be smart about how we position the home, how we run the electricity (and making sure our home is conducive to being "off grid"), take advantage of the rain water run off, and utilize our gray water.
I got my motorcycle permit this weekend. Kait got a scooter and in Ohio you need to have your motorcycle endorsement in order to ride on the street. So since Mark and Kait will both be able to ride - I figured that I would just try it out and take the test and I passed. Now I just have to work to do the "road test" and I'll be road worthy...FEAR ME PEOPLE! Just kidding! I mean, it's a bad can it be?!
I'm feeling the need to be creative - since the garden is growing (for now) and I don't need to get my hands dirty there - I feel like creating something with yarn and a hook! I want to try a sweater - crocheting a sweater. I don't know when I'll start or how it will go or how much cursing there will be - but I'm feeling like it is soon.


  1. when did you get a scooter? i want pictures! how cute is that!!!

  2. It's Kait's is really cute though...Ima gonna have to steal it from time to time...might have to grab one for myself too :-)