Sunday, June 27, 2010

Some like it HOT

It's hot! REALLY hot! Freaking hot! It's kissing the 90's here and guess air! I know I'm supposed to be all "green" and eventually I will own a home positioned on my land to take advantage of the natural air flow and plant trees to help shield my home...but for now - I am in a badly placed brick home with crap circulation and no air. UGH - We're dying here...everyone is miserable and sweaty. The kids hair is lined with wet sweaty hair. I don't feel like moving. After a crazy weekend at the WPAFB Tattoo (from 2 until midnight) and then yesterday at the West Carrollton Summer Fest from 9 until nearly 5 PM...I was hoping for a day of relaxation - chill in the air for a bit, then go clean up the garden, then back to the air...but NO! I feel like being a slug today.
I wish this feeling of anxiety would go away. I have that jitterbug feeling - like I forgot something...I think it's because of the move (or non-move as it stands at this moment) - but it is a frustrating, annoying feeling.


  1. yeah we're in the 80s today and i've been inside, under the fan, napping next to daisy.

    your time is coming...i think it's great you are getting things organized, downsized, cleaned out...will be so great when your next chapter begins!

  2. It's gotta happen soon, right?? We're ready - maybe our trip will help us regroup :) In the meantime, the high is supposed to be 78 today! Maybe we'll get our air fixed before it gets hot again. Love you!