Tuesday, June 15, 2010

...a New Beginning

The time is here. My children and I were able to stand tall and celebrate the accomplishment of my husband. On Saturday, June 12th, Mark walked for his graduation. His degree made it through 5 children, a crazy wife (that's me!), a move to Florida, a move back to Ohio, and switching of the degree from high grades to lower ones. During this time, we've experienced Cora being born into our family, Gage's tonsils being removed, Drake getting his first set of stitches, Tiffany moving on to adulthood, and Kait moving to be with her mother and choosing to come back to us. We've had struggles in our marriage, just as any other couple does...but we've made it. Today, Mark and I are both college graduates. Through all the struggles - we have taught our children and hopefully others around us that if something is important enough, you will work hard enough, focus well enough, find those little pockets of time to relax and rejuvenate enough to prepare for the next wave, and claw your way through until you reach that goal. I spent most of Saturday morning with tears in my eyes and running down my cheeks...filled with emotion, filled with pride for my husband, honored to be a part of this accomplishment for Mark, excited to applaud him, wondering what the future now holds for us, knowing that fate is watching this step in Mark's life and hoping that our next door will soon be opening.
Someone once asked Mark if he was "walking" for graduation and my response to that was "Fuck YES he's walking"!!!

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  1. I'm so happy for you and Mark and all that this means for your family. Congratulations - isn't it amazing that it's TIME for the new chapter? xoxo