Tuesday, June 8, 2010

We've Added to Our Orchard!

Yesterday the Home Depot had a bunch of their fruit trees at 50% (or more) off!!! So we took advantage and bought two yellow delicious apple trees and one each of peach, pear and tangerine.
I can't wait to make pies and fresh fruit salad and can for the winter and make applesauce, peach sauce, pear sauce and...Oh! Let's just say "I can't wait!"
The kids picked some OH SO YUMMY raspberries today. I still haven't tried any raspberries yet this year - but I hear that ours are DELICIOUS...


  1. wow! sounds great! let me know how that goes for harvesting - usually you have to plant later fall/early spring so i'll see vicariously through you what happens!!

  2. Yup - these were supposed to be in the ground already (hence the sale) - but they are going into pots anyway instead of planting them into the ground. I'll keep you posted. At least they made the van ride home (with the tops sticking out the side window).
    I'm hoping that they do well enough and that we'll be able to get them into the farm ground soon.

  3. that is so awesome! we have one pear tree ... one crazy one. i'd love a few peach trees (we're in the south).