Sunday, March 11, 2012

Baby Blossom

Oh my goodness! I just realized that I forgot to share here...We are expecting!!!
...A baby alpaca :-)
The vet came out on Friday and did ultrasounds. Apparently Josie is not pregnant - I thought FOR SURE that she was. She acts pregnant, looks pregnant - so I guess that means that she's actually full of fleece and kinda bitchy lol. However, my shining star, Blossom, is going to be a first time mother. FIRST TIME, here on our farm. I am so completely excited. We should have a baby alpaca running around the pasture come the first week of May! I'm hoping that the new barn and pasture area will be in by then. We submitted our paperwork for approvals by both the building permit office and to get the required variance (since we are building closer than 50 ft. to the property line). In a perfect world, we will have all of our approvals back around March 27th and will start building (Mark and the kids are on Spring Break that following week - and it'd be nice to use that time to build).

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