Tuesday, March 20, 2012


If all goes well, in the next couple months, this will be included in our pasture. For now, I'll take all those beautiful flowers.

Our front yard garden beds and our awesome front porch...we so enjoy this space.

The sun rising over our yard.

Peach tree blossoms
Pear tree blossoms
Welcome to our yard. Such a lovely forsythia.

Sun rising over the corn field out back.

Vegetable garden starts.

Vegetable garden staging area.
What a way to welcome Spring. I started this morning laughing with the kids at the bus stop as we watched two deer walk through the corn field. We got to witness a beautiful sunrise. As an amazing benefit, my company offers us a fully ,8-hour day to volunteer in our community. My assistant and I spent today with Mark at his Head Start class. We worked with the kids, purchased materials to do homemade chia heads (knee highs, grass seed, soil and googly eyes) with them, served their lunches to them etc. In addition to the benefit of us helping the class, the school gets to count our 16 hours and travel time to/from as in-kind donations (requirements for the school to exist). After we got home, we walked through the property to look at everything that was waking up from their winter sleep. We thought that we had lost an apricot tree, but just today, we are seeing leaves starting to unfold from the trunk. So as a tally of what survived...3 peach trees (we think we may have lost two of the five), 2 pear, 2 apricot, 2 plum, 2 forsythia, 2 paw-paw (I believe they both made it!), 4 of the 5 apple trees.
Today was a record breaking warm day...I believe it hit at least 83 degrees...In March! I do believe the Spring has SPRUNG!

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