Sunday, March 11, 2012

How was your Sunday?

This is our front yard - we finished laying out the 11 raised beds that we built yesterday. Nine are on the lower landing of our yard, one is on the upper front yard area and then one's in our backyard (for potatoes) - which I'm now realizing that I haven't taken a photo of.

A better image of our upper level box - this is going to be where our peas live this year.

Mark and Belly working in the beds. We had to buy organic soil this year, since our compost isn't ready yet - but next year, I'm hoping for beautiful, home-grown compost!

My handsome husband and our beautiful beds!

Strong girl!


One of our other outside kitties - "Captain" - she's super twitchy, very nervous around people. BUT SUPER cute though.

Ending a strenous day with a beer, wine cooler and grilling out...THAT'S RIGHT!!! Grilling out, in MARCH!

Grilled steak, on a bed of spinach, with feta and strawberries...YES PLEASE!
Hope all of you had a productive, wonderful weekend too!


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  2. Thanks! Hope you come back and visit soon :-) There's lots going on this spring here.