Friday, March 16, 2012

Reasons I love living here...

So many times, we will make a random comment about why we love living out here. I thought that we should make a list of sorts to always remember these things and never take them for granted. I'll list some today and as I think of them, I'll add more.
  • The night before last, as we were sitting at the kitchen table, planting seeds, one of the kids says "Look! A horse!!" - we don't have horses on our property. I look out our front window and there are three people riding horses in the field across the street from our house. We took off running out the door, without shoes and ran down the road just a bit, as the three people on horses rode over to us and let us pet the horses. They pointed to the house they live in, down the road a little bit more (we still have yet to meet many of our neighbors, more than just a waive) and said they have more horses and if we ever wanted to ride, we should just come down. WOW!
  • Last night, as I'm driving home from work (most of the time I work from home, but sometimes I need to go into Dayton for a meeting), I see a little girl "walking" (more like the animal was walking her), what I thought was a small german shepherd...but as I got closer, I realized she was walking a goat on a dog leash. Ha ha ha.

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