Monday, March 19, 2012

Weekend Update

The beautiful view from our living room door to the front of the property. Across the street, there is a hill that goes down into a creek. I vow to explore that creek this summer sometime.

Gage had a great time at the ShamROCK event at a local museum. I had to work the event and he was finally old enough to go to the teen event and he wandered around and played laser tag etc.

Me and my favorite guy - enjoying morning coffee on the front porch...Love it!

Cora, as Belle, from Beauty and The Beast for her school play.

She looks a little like Alice in Wonderland...but she's really the prettiest Belle I've ever seen in my entire life.
Just now realized that I haven't taken any recent photos of Drake (since his birthday???) on my phone. Hmm...that will need to change tonight.
We've had busy days around here.
Friday was a great day - we got to see Miss Cora perform in her school musical. All the kids sang various Disney selections. Cora's group was Beauty and The Beast. As the curtain opened and I saw her sitting there, my heart burst. She's so beautiful and graceful. Her cheeks just glowed, she worked hard and knew the songs and even danced with a boy. Time to clean the shotgun!
I had an event on Saturday night at the Boonshoft Museum - a teen focused St. Patty's Day was definitely a late night. For the first time, Gage was old enough to attend. Unfortunately, it was short notice and he couldn't get a friend to tag along...but he had a good time. There was laser tag, bungee race, free vanilla latte's, a karaoke type lounge, animals...what more could a 13 year old ask for!?
We also cleaned out the alpaca barn and pasture. We took all the old straw out of the barn and pasture, cleaned the floors with a bleach water solution (there are wood floors in the barn, which I do not like) and laid new straw for the girls. They seemed so concerned about where we were taking their bedding and poop. They'd come over and smell the trash bins and then look at us...worried. Ha! Goofballs. Looking forward to all that compost for next year's garden!
The peach and pear trees are looking great (we'll likely have to replace a peach or two, an apple tree and an apricot tree...ugh deer!) but I can't really complain...they spent the first couple years of life in pots! Peas are starting to come up (barely) so are the onions. Some of our starts have even start to come up. I'm going to check out for now, I gotta get some work done to pay the bills to have the ability to do the project around the farm.


  1. Ooh I've ALWAYS dreamed of a porch on my home! Sipping coffee on a porch is the best.

  2. Thanks! It's one of the many things that made us fall absolutely in love with this house. It wraps around from our bedroom to the living room, then toward the dining room. BTW, totally honored that DIG THIS CHICK read my blog today!!!! Now I have to up my game :-)