Sunday, March 25, 2012


Yesterday we FINALLY got our potatoes in the ground! We're only a week late, but it's been weighing on my mind and it feels good to have them in. All of our starts are doing so great - there are only a few peppers and tomatoes that we are waiting to sprout. We're trying to grow asparagus (from seed) and they are even starting to sprout a bit. I know it will take several years before they actually do anything, but hopefully it will be worth it. Our peas are looking great! Instead of seeing little bits of green peeking through here and there...we see long rows of green leaves. Which reminds me that we need to get our trellis system in for them.
Projects Projects Projects
We have SO SO many things going on right now. I'm guessing this is what every farmer (large scale farmer and backyard farmer) feels right about this time of year. We can no longer afford to have one of us not working - I have a great career and Mark is really loving his preschool job - the money helps us do the projects that we want/need to do. But that also means so much less time. In the past, we've usually had one person working and one person at home (that has switched from time to time) - but the person at home could handle most the dishes/laundry/cleaning/smaller projects. Now, since we both work full-time jobs, we are both incredibly busy with work and incredibly busy here. There seriously are NOT enough hours in a day.
Yesterday, we had planned on attending our sewing class (I've taught myself some VERY BASIC sewing skills...but I don't really know what I'm doing) so for Mark's birthday, I bought us each a class from a local sewing machine shop - we learned how to make a tote bag...and they actually look really nice. Afterward, we were planning on hitting the Preble County Expo, but the kids had other plans. Apparently, when we were on our way home, they were "playing fighting" Cora ended up falling back onto her hand and instead of going palm down, she went back of her hand down and wrist down. When we were feeling to see "if this or that hurt" Mark and I both felt pops - so off to the Urgent Care we go (which the closest urgent care is 30 minutes away). After a long wait and an X-Ray...we find out NO BREAK...just badly sprained. :-( After all that, we missed the expo, grabbed a late lunch and ran an errand. We still had (and still have) lots of stuff to do here before we are ready to have the landscapers come out and dig holes for the barn. One major project is removing all the rocks and gravel from our current parking area (which is where the barn will live). I always think that jobs are going to be easier and less time consuming then they really are. We kept shoveling and shoveling and this job seems never ending. I need an extra week, I think. But spring break is coming up fast and I need to make sure that we are ready.
Speaking of which...need to go!

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