Sunday, March 11, 2012

Raised Beds

We've had a busy weekend already. Yesterday we went to get most of the supplies to create 11 raised garden beds. We went to Lowe's to grab wood, soil mix, screws and some other goodies. Then, when we got home, we built all 11 beds. Whew! I know one is going to be a potato box, another for peas...and I have to figure out the rest. We also bought all the supplies to get our seeds started. We have a bunch of our seeds and Victory Seeds is sending the rest (the order has shipped, just need to wait for delivery). It's a very exciting time of year here. My shoulders are achy, but a good achy. My cheeks are already a little warm and sunkissed from working outside much of the day yesterday. Today, we're going to Ace and hopefully they'll have potato and onion sets - and we need to pick up a few more things. Our plan is to get all the dirt into the beds (and I'm hoping to get some alpaca poo in there too!). Wishing our compost was ready for this year, but I know that next year, we should have some pretty awesome compost mix to layout on our gardens! YAY!
Last night was Spring hour of sleep lost...this is, I believe, the first year that I've been excited about that. Happy Spring Everyone!
Found bags of dirt on sale at Lowe's - originally $6 and some change, on sale for $2.79! We bought 41 bags.

Daddy and Cora - working on building our raised garden beds. We built 11 beds yesterday.

Blue and Ollie, wanting to be in on the action - but wrapping themselves around eachother so tightly that this is as far as they can move.

It's hard to see, but there are six deer near the hedge, just off our property! Shortly after I took this photo, they all bound across the back field.

Buzzing bee on Crocus Flower

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