Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Barn Raising...Part Two

So last night, we went for our appeals meeting - in front of the county commission. We had to get their approval to have our animals on the property, since we have more than an acre but not much more and technically we are zoned rural residential - so we need special "land use" approvals - we also want to build our barn closer to the property line than is standard. We waited and waited for our turn (there were probably 15 or so people ahead of us, with their own list of approvals) we nervously stood in front of the committee - they asked just a few questions - we made each other laugh - we talked about Josie and Blossom and our eventual honey bees. Then, someone made the motion to approve, another person second the motion and with a vote, our dream became reality. All animals, we no reservations have been approved. The barn, we had originally requested a barn 20x24; however, there was a typo on the paperwork and it stated 20x40 - they asked if we wanted them to approve for the larger size, saying we didn't HAVE to build that large, but this way, we wouldn't have to come back if we ever chose to add on - as I'm looking at Mark to see what he has to say, I see a nice woman on the committee nodding her head yes LOL - so I said, if you guys are going to approve it, we'll take the larger size, just in case :-).
Now, anyone wanna come help build?? Ha ha!
I'll be posting pictures of our progress. I couldn't be happier at this point :-)

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